JOHANNES BRAHMS - String Quartets Op. 51

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JOHANNES BRAHMS - String Quartet Op. 51, No. 1 - String Quartet Op. 51, No. 2 - New Orford String Quartet - 090404946424 - Released: October 2015 - Bridge 9464

What you can almost perceive when you listen to this recording by the New Orford String Quartet is the flow of the music running through the mind of Johannes Brahms as he was writing it down. They capture the narrative aspect of the musical lines seamlessly. Rare are the chamber music ensembles that become one with the music and withdraw within it. This is definitely one of the best at doing just that. While listening, you forget that these are four individuals bowing away at stringed instruments. All you hear is the music. You absolutely can't feel any mechanical gestures or rehearsed mannerisms within their playing. I've been living with this recording for the past couple of months, listening to it on a daily basis, trying as hard as I could to find at least one little flaw or blemish somewhere to prove to myself that nothing can be this good. Well I haven't found anything yet and I doubt that I will. This is music making on a higher level. A flawless interpretation. Enough said!

2017 Juno Award Winner for Best Classical Album.

Jean-Yves Duperron - January 2016