GEORGE MARTIN - Film Scores and Original Orchestral Music

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GEORGE MARTIN - Film Scores and Original Orchestral Music - Berlin Music Ensemble - Craig Leon (Conductor) - 0754436665226 - Released: December 2017 - Atlas Realisations ARCD008

The Pepperland Suite - Original music written for the film "Yellow Submarine"
- Pepperland
- March of the Meanies
- Sea of Holes
- Sea of Monsters
- Pepperland Reprise
Live And Let Die Suite - Original music written for the film "Live And Let Die"
- Whisper Who Dares
- Bond Meets Solitaire
- Snakes Alive
- Baron Samedi's Dance of Death
Three American Sketches for Violin and Chamber Orchestra
- Westward Look!
- Old Boston
- New York, New York
Judy's Theme
Under Milk Wood Overture - Incidental Music to "Under Milk Wood" by Dylan Thomas
- Under Milk Wood
- Love Duet
- Waldo's Song
Belle Étoile - (First Recording)
Waltz in D Minor for Flute and Chamber Orchestra
Prelude for Strings - Arrangement of J. S. Bach's Prelude in E-flat minor
The Mission Chorales - First recording of the Original Sketches written for the film "The Mission"
- Prelude
- Chorale 1
- Chorale 2
- Orchestral Interlude
- Chorale 3
- Chorale 4
- Orchestral Interlude 2
- Chorale 5
- Chorale 6
- Chorale 7

Mention the name of George Martin (1926-2016) to anyone in the world and their immediate acknowledgement is that he was the famous producer behind The Beatles recordings. But no one seems to know or remember that he was also a very fine composer. The orchestral arrangement that he wrote in 1965 for the song "Yesterday" should have been a clear indication to everyone of his musical talents. Personally, I don't think that famous song would have had the same impact on all the worldwide charts without that arrangement. It is now acknowledged as being the No. 1 song of all time.

George Martin's style could arguably be compared to some of his contemporaries who also wrote film scores like Henry Mancini, Paul Mauriat, Burt Bacharach, etc ... but with added grace and refinement, and plenty of expressive touches. For example, the piece Old Boston from the Three American Sketches for Violin and Chamber Orchestra easily rivals the emotive power found in the main themes to movies like Schindler's List and The Red Violin. And the music to Under Milk Wood has the same effect. And I always felt that the music he wrote for the film Live And Let Die meshed extremely well with the James Bond idiom. And it's too bad that due to scheduling conflicts Ennio Morricone ended up composing the score for the film The Mission because based on what we hear for the first time on this CD, the movie would have been better off with Martin's score in my opinion.

Many thanks to the Berlin Music Ensemble and conductor/producer Craig Leon for bringing together all of this otherwise neglected music into one neat package, and giving us all the pleasure to hear and enjoy this forgotten facet of the great George Martin. If you're feeling a bit nostalgic for the 1960s, this recording is sure to bring it all back!

Jean-Yves Duperron - January 2018