JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH - La Messe Luthérienne

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JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH - La Messe Luthérienne (Vol. 2) - Pierre Bardon (Organ) - Basilique de Saint-Maximin - Released: November 2013 - Syrius SYR141463

A thoughtful, and inspiring program of some of Johann Sebastian Bach's works that can be played without pedal.

We have our combination of Pierre Bardon and the instrument he commands at Saint Maximin. I recently read an interesting little detail about this organ. You are not supposed to be able to play Bach on this organ! Please do not tell Mr. Bardon. He has been doing it admirably for quite a few years. What you don't know can't hurt you I guess!

The disc starts with Herr Gott, dich loben wir BWV 725. It is a dense chorale study played in three verses. At no point are we lost, or the registration so dense that the musical lines are blurred. And this is no easy feat as Mr. Bardon has chosen quite a full set of tone colours. Masterful playing! I have heard portions of this piece in a completely new light.

The next twelve tracks are absolutely beautiful renditions of Bach's chorale preludes. Each is treated as a beautiful jewel. Registrations are magnificently varied, being sweet, soft, even bold at times.

The softest In dulci Jubilo BWV 729 I have ever heard. But not muffled. It has great clarity and wonderful timing.

I have always loved variations. O Gott, du frommer Gott BWV 767 is a wonderful ride. I promise no matter how many times you may have heard this piece there is more to learn.

Last we have the Fugue in G minor ( Little). Nope, not little, it's fire breathing. Pierre kept all those evil reeds behind bars until they just had to speak out. Our little fugue has taken on a life of it's own. Wonderfully paced and I just love the power in balance.

Heartily recommended!

Mark Kravchenko - April 2014 - Kravchenko Audio